Structured Water With Clayton Nolte

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Clayton Nolte Inventor
Natural Action Technologies - Live Water Systems

Natural Action Technologies has uncovered nature’s secret to structuring water. Our Structured Water™ products recreate nature’s dance, restoring water molecules to their true original and energized state. Natural Action Technologies has spent in excess of half a million dollars in designing our products to offer you the simplicity of nature’s water.


What is Structured Water™?

Structured Water™ is created by the natural action of water found in nature.
The natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns as it actively descends a mountain actually structures water. Water molecules are free to move and “dance with nature” in an energetically alive, fresh and vibrant manner. Through this process, the molecular structure of water is changed to reflect less surface tension, neutralized toxins, cleared memory and balance on a particle level

 Water as a primary element is connected to everything. There isn’t anything on Earth that doesn’t use water as a part of its process in creating life. Therefore, as water is the connector to all living things it’s important to return water to its original form by allowing it to restructure. Through Nature’s design Structured Water™ entrains –or creates a flow- as it connects with life. The result of Structured Water™ is water with more energy while offering increased hydration for people, animals, plants and things.